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Welcome to the Diva Project.

This project has been created as the culmination of many years of learning, opening and growth, birthed in the midst of ups and downs and plenty of ah-hahs. The Diva is an archetype that like all archetypal patterns carries both a negative and positive charge. Very often it is a part of us that we dis-own, suppress and deny, as the Diva can be very demanding and even contrary, with the potential to leave upheaval and conflict in her wake. In a culture that unconsciously encourages sameness and predictability, the uniqueness of our inner Diva can be challenging to love. Yet, loving and accepting this vital part of us can be the missing ingredient to a fulfilling life, a passionate primary relationship and an unstoppable business.

In the empowered state of the Diva, we find unshakable confidence and laser-like focus, loving and healthy boundaries, a zest for life and much brilliance in an inspired and purpose-filled path. On the other hand, a suppressed and denied Diva can leave us feeling stifled, imprisoned by self-criticism and judgement, out of place and alienated, needy and intensely unhappy. This part of us is not something that is easily stopped or silenced. How would your life change if you could finally let your empowered and inspired Diva “out of the closet” once and for all?

This project is an opportunity to re-define Diva, and how this aspect that is already in each one of us can be a powerful force for positive change in ourselves and our worlds. Asking for and giving respect and reverence, setting strong and healthy boundaries, embracing our uniqueness and speaking up about your gifts is not a bad thing or something to be ashamed of. Instead, it is a very fun and liberating pathway to a life experience that is greater and way more fun than you ever imagined. I’m living proof. Read my story here.

If you ever feel…

  • like life has just thrown you one curveball after another and you just can’t seem to get ahead.
  • like a black sheep? Never quite fitting in anywhere and never really feeling a strong sense of belonging or acceptance.
  • like the ugly duckling tale is the story of your life,  like no matter how much you’re told to love and value yourself you just can’t seem to get there. Or if someone tells you how fabulous or beautiful you are all you feel is embarrassed or ashamed.
  • like you’re just playing the same old record over and over in your relationships, career and health but you don’t know how to make it stop.

Then it might just be the perfect time to clear out all the B.S. that’s holding you back and get in touch with your inner Diva. Divine Inspired Vessel of Awesomeness that is. All it takes is one empowered choice to do and see things differently. We’re here to help with the rest. Find out how here.

Come join our growing community of fierce and fabulous leaders and get your Diva on! Get in here.

Much love from one Diva to another,DG-Alexadriveway